Clown craze "dangerous and stupid" say state politicians

THE latest craze of people dressing up as clowns across Queensland has been condemned by the state's leaders this morning.

The creepy clown trend, which involves people dressing up in costumes and masks and scaring people in public places, was scrutinised in Queensland Parliament this morning with Police Minister Bill Byrne labelling the craze as "dangerous and stupid".

"We understand Queenslanders have a robust sense of humour and an idea that people dressing up as clowns with the intent to scare is a dangerous and stupid notion and deserves outright condemnation from this house," Mr Byrne said.

He said the craze was prompted by movie series The Purge, which he said had a "disgraceful" socio-economic undertone, including murdering homeless people.

"It represents a prostitution of society's character … this craze should be condemned," Mr Byrne also said the Department of Education had indicated school principals would be taking a tough stance on students involved in the clown craze.

He asked people taking part in the craze to stop and think about how they're affecting their community.

"The message I want to send to anyone taking part in this craze is that our police do an important job in keeping our communities safe and the last thing this state needs is for our policing resources to be wasted due to these people running around dressed up as clowns and intimidating and scaring members of our community."

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