Clown crackdown: Police target would-be frighteners

THE epidemic of clowns who seem to be appearing at random across Australia and the world, has prompted police to announce they are on the lookout for these dark jesters.

In a statement, police warn that officers "will not tolerate anyone engaging in intimidating or anti-social behaviour".

At the same time, police said there were no reports of physical threats or acts of violence involving clowns in Queensland.

On Sunday night, police were called after a clown "reportedly carrying a knife or weapon" was scaring walkers nearby.

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Deputy Premier Jackie Trade said anyone who is intimidated or concerned by someone disguised or costumed as a clown should call police.

She said while it was a social media stunt, "these antics have been initiated to threaten or scare people".

"The Queensland police understand the antics involved and they will not tolerate anti-social behaviour," she said.

"It's important that the Queensland community assist police and make sure incidents are reported."

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