STEAMPUNK FAIRYTALE:   Gamesoft's debut title combines beauty and brains.
STEAMPUNK FAIRYTALE: Gamesoft's debut title combines beauty and brains.

Clockwork: Aussie Dev's debut gets the Greenlight

IT'S always good to see an upcoming Australian title doing well, and being voted number 8 out of 2100 on Steam's Greenlight is as well as one could want.

What makes Clockwork's rise even more special is that it is Gamesoft's debut title.

Clockwork is a collaboration between artist Arianne Elliot and Adam Pinto and comes from their shared love of titles like Braid and Limbo, both games known for engaging and surprising mechanics steeped in well-realised atmosphere.

What emerged is a platformer full of switch, gate, and objective puzzles revolving around mechanics which rely on bending time.

From the footage we've already seen, two things are obvious.

Firstly, the artwork is beautiful. The steampunk aesthetic combines with an almost fairytale glow in a handful of different styles as the game progresses.

Secondly, this is not a fast-paced game. The puzzles appear to rely on deliberateness and timing rather than twitch reflexes and 360-noscope-style swishery.

The game's due out in Q3 2016 and to prepare us, Gamesoft has released a primer on the setting and main characters, which is handy for those of us who've sworn off our habit of instantly jumping on the first early-access that takes our fancy before we know anything about it.

Atto is a mechanical boy who lives in the ever-breaking mechanical city of Watchtower. His purpose is to fix the factories and people who constantly break down.

Atto's pocket watch suddenly comes alive and introduces itself as Milli.

She tells him she can "fix the city once and for all" and gives him his first quest.

Milli herself is a masterpiece. She's a naive and innocent prototype built in a time when a plague threatened everything and the only way to fight back was to travel back in time to before everything went wrong. She is the only one of her kind.

From what we have available, Clockwork appears to have a wonderfully realised art direction and some solid world-building.

Clockwork will launch at US$14.95 on Steam - with an additional 25% discount for all players who purchase the game during the first week.

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