Claims of clown sightings as Bundy's social media runs wild

CLOWN fever is gripping Bundaberg as a figure in black clothes and a white mask was reportedly spotted on Maryborough St. 

The alleged sighting happened about 8pm, with another shortly after on Barolin St, according to Bundaberg's social media which has been buzzing with reports of clown hunting. 

A Bundaberg Clown Purge Facebook page has also sprung up online, which had gathered dozens of likes within an hour of being live. 

Several other Bundaberg Facebook pages have emerged based around "clown hunting" or seeking out clown sightings. 

However, it seems the hunt for clowns could be proving more popular in Bundaberg than dressing as a clown, as hard evidence of any clown sightings in the region is yet to surface. 

Several photos being circulated online claim to show clowns in Bundaberg, however, the images appear grainy and there are no landmarks to confirm they've been taken in Bundaberg. 

Clowns have also been "checking in" on Facebook in Bundaberg and Bargara, however, it's also unclear whether the people making the posts were actually in the region or not. 

A clown was also allegedly spotted at East Bundaberg around 9pm, however, no evidence exists to back the claim. 

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