TOOWOOMBA shoppers were buzzing with curiosity on Friday as thousands of renegade bees descended on the CBD in Margaret St.

Former beekeeper Brian Henman was called in by police to try to round up the hive of Golden Italian bees, to ensure the safety of pedestrians.

"Very rarely you'll get stung while they're swarming like this," Mr Henman said.

"The worst thing someone can do is try to swat them away. That's when they get angry."

The weight of the nectar-laden swarm had weighed down a hedge outside Jilly's Cafe in one of the street's traffic islands.

Shoppers and motorists slowed down to view the spectacle while some braved the swarm to have a chat to Mr Henman, commending him on his brave efforts.

"In the whole time I've been handling bees I would have been stung millions of times," Mr Henman said as he brushed a stinger and a dead bee off his arm.

"So far today I've only been stung twice."

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