CITY BRIGHTSIDE: Five traffic things we could fix in the CBD

TRAFFIC in the CBD is a hot topic at the best of times. You only need to drive down the main street in business hours to know how stressful it can be to park and drive. 

Suggestions from many people include building a multi-level car park to ease the burden on shoppers. 

Here are some ideas I'd like to put forward for fixing the car woes of our CBD. 

1. Get walking 

This is probably going to sound harsh - but how many of us are just being lazy? I know when we're busy we can need a park right at the door and of course people who are old, sick or disabled shouldn't have to walk too far, but what about the rest of us?

Often it's simple enough to park on the outer edge of the CBD and take a quick walk. If you're not old, unwell or in an urgent hurry, then why not make the most of getting a bit of exercise, checking out the shops on the way and saving a drop of fuel at the same time?

Think of how much walking our Brisbane cousins are doing in the average day (Roma St station to South Bank anyone?) then think about how long it might take to get from the post office to even IGA on Woongarra St. 

Maybe as our city grows, our attitudes to distance could do the same. 

2. Do we really need so many random garden beds?

Don't get me wrong here, I love gardens, but some garden beds in the CBD are a little problematic. 

Take the small garden bed as you turn from Bourbong into Maryborough St near Buss Park - it's such an awkward space that cars usually end up wedged in sideways while they're waiting for the lights to change. 

Some of these garden beds are taking up spaces that could be used for parks. 

3. Roundabouts

Again, I don't hate plants, so please don't think that. It's just the shrubs and bushes, while pretty, do obscure the view of traffic.

In my opinion, simple is better when it comes to roundabouts. 

Gardens can still exist, just in safer locations.

How about some kind of beautification for our roundabouts that doesn't involve danger?

4. Another car park or two 

Another general car park or two wouldn't go astray. 

But we'd need to know exactly (or as close to) how many we would really need. Could you imagine the disaster if we built a massive multi-parking building and then no one used it? Ouch. 

Knee jerk reactions aren't in our best interests, so perhaps a measured approach would be quite enough. 

5. Courtesy 

It's something that seems to have slipped away a little nowadays. 

Common courtesy among drivers is such a good thing and can transform the CBD from a place of great stress to a much calmer and friendlier environment. 

As it stands, it's pretty hostile and everyone seems to be in such a rush. Take it easy! 

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