Cities defeat Rovers for sweep

Rovers Josh Crow lines up to score the equaliser.
Rovers Josh Crow lines up to score the equaliser.

CITIES have completed a clean sweep of the Bundaberg Hockey Association and Premier League competitions with a 3-2 defeat of Rovers in Saturday's grand final.

The Bundaberg Hockey Association premiers claimed their second consecutive premiership to the delight of supporters.

Coach Mick Callaghan said the win had been the perfect end to a difficult year for his team.

“We've had a few injuries and a few problems, but the guys got there in the end,” he said.

“I couldn't be prouder of the team they went hard all year and didn't let up for a second.”

Inside right Jeremiah Burtt cut through a 2-2 stalemate late in the second half to put his team in front with a striking close-range goal.

Cities defenders were sent into overdrive in the final five minutes of the game as Rovers searched for an equaliser.

“The guys really had to earn the win in the last part of the game,” he said.

“If they hadn't have defended so well it would have been taken away from us.”

Callaghan admitted to spending a nervous second half on the sidelines as Rovers' attacks came closer and closer to the Cities goal box.

“It was an absolute arm wrestle of a game and there were a few moments when I thought they had us,” he said.

“It was a hard contest but to the credit of the guys they stayed in the game and they kept it together.”

Joel Latham was a stand-out for Cities, scoring two goals in the first half and putting constant attacking pressure on the Rovers' backline.

Sam Burtt controlled the centre-half using his trademark speed to good use with some surging breaks.

Callaghan said the team would return next year with a hat-trick in its sights.

“It's something the guys have been talking about and it's something we'd like to achieve,” he said.

“It would be no easy feat but it's something to aim for and it's something to work towards.”