Chris Brown gets into row at game

CHRIS Brown was spoken to by police after an argument at a charity basketball game.

The 'Beautiful People' singer became visibly upset at the

Power 106 Celebrity Basketball Game at USC on Sunday (11.09.16) and got into a heated exchange with a spectator in the stands, though loud music made it difficult to hear the nature of their row.

One of the officers at the event at USC's Galen Centre in Los Angeles could be heard saying in footage of the incident: "I don't care who's here, get it straight."

The 27-year-old singer also sparked controversy when he refused to stand for the National Anthem before the game.

Singer Tank had urged the crowd to stand in respect for the victims of the 9/11 terror attacks 15 years ago, but Chris remained seated and appeared to share a laugh with his

friends as those around them got to their feet.

However, he stood at the end and applauded the R&B star's vocals.

His decision not to stand comes after NFL football player Colin Kaepernick refused to observe the anthem in preseason in protestation of racial injustice.

The quarterback's decision to stay on his knees was repeated by a number of other players at various other games over the weekend.

While Chris was slammed on Twitter as "vile" for his decision to join the protest, he didn't seem to care.

He shared a screengrab of a news article about his refusal to stand and branded the incident "bulls**t" on his Instagram account.

It was recently claimed the 'Yeah 3x' hitmaker is cutting down on having parties and banning people he doesn't know from his home, following his recent arrest.

The singer was arrested earlier this month after beauty queen Baylee Curran accused him of pulling a weapon on her during a row at his Los Angeles home and as a result he is being more careful about who visits his residence.

Chris' two roommates now have to put a request in writing if they want to have a guest over, and they must include details about the person so that the singer can make an informed decision.

Guests are also banned from bringing alcohol and drugs to the house.

Chris has insisted he will be able to prove his innocence after being accused of threatening Baylee with a gun.

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