China recruiting Ipswich graduates to teach English

ALL aboard for China for a personal development and cultural journey that could change your life.

Ipswich's unemployed graduates are being targeted by the China Recruitment Group to work in the world's most populous nation and teach English in kindergartens, schools, colleges and universities.

China Recruitment co-director Connie da Cunha said registration was now open for anyone with Certificate IV Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA) or any university bachelor degree and above, to start teaching in China when the school term there opens on September 1, 2017.

The opportunity provided by China Recruitment is an extraordinary one - with all expenses paid for.

Teachers, on one-year contracts which can be renewed, will earn a monthly salary with all expenses paid, quality accommodation and comprehensive insurance.

They get one month of leave per year which includes on a paid holiday elsewhere in China, including domestic airfare and accommodation.

Those who are successful will also get a return trip from Australia to China paid for each year.

"It is a very exciting program and a game changer for our graduates especially," Ms da Cunha said.

"New graduates want to build up their skills and practise their teaching capabilities.

"The China jobs not only provide them with the venue to do that but also provide them with opportunities to learn the Mandarin language and Chinese culture - which is good for the China/Australia relationship."

Ipswich has been targeted because of the close relationship between China Recruitment co-director Yan Grieve, also the Australia-China Development Group (AXCEN) director, and the city.

"Yan is the Ipswich ambassador to China (for business) and it makes sense to prioritise Ipswich in our program," Ms da Cunha said.

"We have a close relationship with Mayor Paul Pisasale and we share his passion to help his constituents.

"We are helping unemployed people because there are appreciable benefits. If you don't have a job it does do emotional harm, not only for your self-confidence but also for your personal growth.

"We want to kick-start Ipswich unemployed people's self-esteem and say 'Yes, it possible to get on the employment track'."

The program is not just for unemployed people by any means and is after those with the required skills - currently employed or not.

Ms da Cunha said applicants would have a choice of where they go in China. Cr Pisasale said the China Recruitment's program was set to be a huge boost to Ipswich.

"This is an initiative for Ipswich unemployed people to work in China and utilise their skills and knowledge," he said.

"Hopefully there are a lot of Ipswich people who can live and work in China as a result.

"We have backpackers that come here and work, so you could say this is a way that we send our very own backpackers to China."

To register to Teach English in China, visit:

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