Children blitz it in truck pull

MUSCLES were flexed on Saturday during the fourth annual Mt Perry Dump Truck Pull.

Lihir Gold Mt Rawdon operations manager Kalman Salgo said about 500 people lined the town's main street on Saturday to watch men, women and children take their turn to pull a 70-tonne dump truck 10 metres in the fastest time.

“At the end of the day all the primary-school children lined up, about 100 kids, and they pulled the dump truck in about 10 seconds, which was about a whole second faster than the men's team,” he said.

And the children were the big winners on the day with about $36,000 raised for Bundaberg-based charity Youth Insearch.

It is an organisation dedicated to aiding youth suicide-prevention programs and children at risk.

Even tourists could not be dragged away from the festivities.

One of the international visitors won the frozen T-shirt competition, managing to be the fastest to retrieve a shirt from a bucket of ice and put it on.

But post-pulling celebrations were cut short when half the competitors, who also serve Bundaberg region firefighting brigades, were called to a blaze near Mt Perry about 5.30pm.

Rural firefighters area director Tony Johnstone said about 30 firefighters attended a blaze on Rocky Creek Road that was started by a car exhaust.

“They got that under control in about two hours,” he said.

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