Childers jnrs in threat of collapse

CHILDERS Junior Rugby League Club is in danger of folding unless it can find volunteers to fill the executive positions on its committee.

Outgoing president Andrew Tsakisiris said that while there were three new faces at last week’s annual general meeting, attendance was disappointing with no nominations received for committee positions.

“Considering the AGM was well advertised in newspapers and school newsletters, the attendance was disappointing,” Mr Tsakisiris said.

“The club at least needs a president, vice-president (juniors), secretary and registrar.

“Other positions that need filling include an FAO coordinator, blue card coordinator and a fundraising coordinator.”

He said the club was in a good financial position with more than 50 members, 60 families and 100 players.

“Being on a committee gives you a say in the running of the club and is a great way to make new friends and gain enjoyment out of helping children play the game they love,” he said.

“Anyone is capable of fulfilling these positions successfully; you just need to believe in yourself.”

He said parents, grandparents or simply some volunteers needed to stand up to take the positions on.

“Without a committee we don’t have a club, and without a club we don’t have teams,” he said.

A special meeting is scheduled for next Thursday at the Isis Club from 7pm.

“If the positions aren’t filled, then Childers may not have a junior rugby league club in 2010,” he said.

Anyone interested in nominating can contact Sheryl Nimmo on 0438 201 482.

Otherwise nominations will be accepted from the floor at the meeting.

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