Childers company talkin' trash

AUSTRALIAN Prime Fibre plans to make hay while the sun is shining after amassing a record haul of cane trash from Bundaberg and Childers.

The Childers-based business has raked and baled a record 30,000 tonnes of cane trash - the leafy leftovers of the cane harvest - from properties across the region.

Australian Prime Fibre has appealed to growers to rethink their management of harvest waste, typically burnt after harvest or ploughed back in, and turn their sugar cane trash into cash.

Logistics and raw material manager Ian Marshall said the record haul had been necessitated by the company's distribution commitments with national hardware chain Bunnings.

Australian Prime Fibre process cane trash into a nutrient-rich mulch popular with gardeners across Australia.

"The business has really taken off," Mr Marshall said. "It's grown exponentially and now we're at the stage where we need this level of produce to fulfil our orders."

Australian Prime Fibre is the only distributor of cane trash mulch products in Australia.

The company sources the majority of cane trash from the Bundaberg and Childers regions, but also collects cane trash in Maryborough and Mackay.

The company has also released value-added products such as a potting mix made from cane trash and mill mud and a range of mulches with added minerals and nutrients.

Mr Marshall said the growing industry was an excellent source of income for growers eager to receive a financial boost at the end of the sugar cane season.

"The prices are dependant on supply and demand factors but we can offer good returns," he said.

"It's likely we will be sourcing even more trash next year."

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