ANGEL WINGS: Angel Wings Doves owner Joey Regan releases birds for all occasions.
ANGEL WINGS: Angel Wings Doves owner Joey Regan releases birds for all occasions. Max Fleet BUNJOE

Childers business is taking flight on a wing and a prayer

A LOCAL woman has turned her love of birds into a new, rather unique business venture.

While it's early days yet, Joey Regan said she was amazed at how her new business, Angel Wings Doves, has taken off.

Angel Wings Doves started out as a mere idea of Ms Regan's a number of years ago, where she dreamt of releasing doves for such special occasions as weddings and christenings.

After endless hours of research, training and breeding the birds, the Childers resident developed her business to the point where she is now in demand.

Ms Regan said the white dove symbolised love and peace and was the perfect way to commemorate special occasions.

But instead of using doves, Ms Regan uses white racing pigeons due to their homing instincts.

She explained that once the pigeons were released, which can be any number of kilometres away, the birds found their way back home, ready to do it all again.

Ms Regan, who has been breeding white racing pigeons for about two years, said she couldn't be happier with their progress and was confident the birds would return home safely.

"I'm just really happy with the way they're working with me," she said.

"It's in them, so I've just been training them to come out of the basket.

"The pigeons are very fascinating when you start to learn about them."

Ms Regan officially launched her business late last month, where she released a bird at her brother-in-law's grave.

Since then the animal lover, who has been inundated with inquiries, has secured a wedding job in Gladstone and will attend a wedding expo at Agnes Water.

Next year Ms Regan will attend an Anzac Day service at Childers and release 21 birds for the 21- gun salute.

To learn more about the business, check out the Angel Wings Doves Facebook page.