CROQUET CLUB: Jacqueline Parsons and Maggie Neumann enjoying a nice game of croquet.
CROQUET CLUB: Jacqueline Parsons and Maggie Neumann enjoying a nice game of croquet. Zach Hogg BUNCRO

Bowls and golf notes from Childers



RESULTS of games played at the Isis Bowls Club:

Tuesday March 18 - Jackpot Pairs: J. Short, G. Daw def R. Clements, D. Jones 21-16; M. Bolderson, R. Pidgeon def B. Bakes, K. Bakes 22-12; D. Saunders, L. Ackroyd, K. Burton def B. Rayner, A. Ritchie, D. Haley 24-23.

Thursday March 20 - L. Fullerton, M. Bolderson, G. Daw def P. Fuller, J. Hoffmann, D. Jones 21-12; R. Dickenson, C. Bolderson, R. Pidgeon def E. Dickenson, J. Short, D. Haley 19-18; L. Grant, M. Green, R. Zimitat def L. Grant, N. Munkman, P. Jackson 21-19.

Sunday March 23 - P. Ashton, R. Clements def L. Grant, J. Short 23-11; N. Munkman, S. Jarrett, R. Zimitat def J. Pascoe, M. Green, B. Rodgers 19-12.

Don't forget the Cent Sale Saturday April 5.

Tip of the week: Foot-Faulting. It is important to remember that a player only needs to have part of one foot on or above the Mat at the moment of delivery. It is the stance before delivery that one foot should be fully on the Mat. Good bowling everyone.

Isis Central Mill

RESULTS of games played at the Isis Central Mill Bowls Club:

Tuesday - No bowls owing to the running of our money day: Back to normal this week.

Our money day was very successful with everyone enjoying themselves.

The lucky ones that got amongst the money were: First round winners was Macca's team; Second round winners was N. Cullen's team; Third round winners was R. Winzar team; Fourth placed team was R. Phillip's team; Third placed team was P. Bianchi team; Overall runners up was R. Royan's team; Overall winners was K. Murphy's team.

Congratulations to all the winners hoping they all enjoyed themselves.

Sunday Social: Ron Phillips, S. Campbell, J. Rann def B. Dougall, M. Campbell, B. Hesse 27-14; C. Winter, M. Clarke, P. Duffy def S. Findlay, B. Anderson, E. Crowe 27-8.

Competition results - Championship Pairs: D. Johnson, B. Findlay def L. Summerfield, L. Hesse 32-14.

Competition Call Mach 29 - Graded Pairs: D. Hennessey, P. Duffy v M. Clarke, E. Crowe.

Coming events: Isis visit to play for the Carruthers Shield on Sunday 6th April, so put your names on the list for this day.


RESULTS of games played at the Woodgate Bowls Club:

Tuesday March 18 - Ladies Championship Triples: C. Hoffman, A. Winzar, Y. Ellis def R. Bishop, M. Ibbertson, M. Oldfield 27 - 12; Z. Watson, H. Haeusler, C. Firth def J. Coombs, E. Bell, A. Van der loos 22 - 21.

Ladies Social - C. Cayley, G. Bounds, K. Henderson def D. Richmond, M. Boundy, W. Reeves 21 - 13; J. Mewett, B. Duff def D. Benson, Y. Turner 20 - 11; L. Cosgrove, S. Loydell, R. Love def V. Bird, D. Essery, G. Newby 21 - 10.

Wednesday March 19 - Men's Social: P. Walkington, J. Reeves, K. Ellis def R. Cauchi, I. Kirby, M. Williams 21 - 17; P. Mullins, G. Loydell, R. Royan def G. Scott, D. Ferrier, M. Strano 28 - 20; C. Treacy, J. Johnson, E. McCaffrey def N. Loder, R. Winzar, R. Bunn 21 all on ends won; C. Clinton, G. Upham, S. Boundy def L. Hayden, J. Harbourne, G. Haynes 24 - 17; G. Ibbertson, W. Benson, R. Hoffman def P. Williams, G. Mewett, P. West 23 - 20; D. Mann, B. Mann, def R. Henderson, B. Gibson 23 - 18; B. Cayley, A. Essery def Trick, W. McUtchen 22 - 17; K. Geaney, A. Griffiths, G. Summers def N. Blair, T. O'Shea, J. Daniels 19 - 12; P. Royan, B. Galway, B. Martin def R. Hill, E. Soesman, B. Hoffman 29 - 12; I. Todd, R. Cosgrove, R. Weir def S. Warke, G. Turner, G. Madsen 23 - 12.

Thursday March 20 - Mixed Twilight Bowls: K. Geaney, G. Mewett def H. Danziger, I. Kirby 22 - 13; Phil, Janice, J. Johnson def P. Walkington, E. Bell, J. Reeves 23 - 15; C. Cayley, J. Kelly, Greg def D. Richmond, J. Kirby, B. Cayley 19 - 17; Cheryl, Wendy, Kemsley def Noel, Lorelle, Don 22 - 17.

Saturday March 22 - Men's Open Pairs: B. Galway, M. Royan def N. Blair, J. Daniels 23 - 20; R. Cosgrove, R. Weir def J. Johnson, K. Kelly 23 - 13; D. Firth, R. Winzar def N. Loder, G. Bishop 23 - 14; P. West, R. Bunn def D. Ferrier, S. Boundy 39 - 15; M. Van der loos, R. Royan def S. Crawford, C. Treacy 25 - 23; K. Ellis, G. Silverthorne def G. Haayness, M. Williams 34 - 23; R. Snelling, R. Hoffman def G. Mewett, D. Haeusler 26 - 12.

Men's Social - A. McKinnon, A. Novak, M. Van der loos def G. Ibbertson, L. Sykes, G. Madsen 18 - 16.

Sunday March 23 - Men's Open Pairs: D. Mann, R. Henderson def M. Van der loos, R. Royan 20 - 13; R. Snelling, R. Hoffman def R. Byrnes, M. Strano 22 - 15; P. West, R. Bunn def J. Martin, B. Martin 22 - 12; G. Summers, B. Gibson def A. Essery, K. Murphy 24 - 21; D. Firth, R. Winzar def G. Madsen, E. McCaffrey 20 - 19; B. Cayley, I. Kirby def B. Galway, M. Royan 28 - 20; R. Cosgrove, R. Weir def B. Mann, W. McUtchen 24 - 17.

Mixed Social - A. Van der loos, I. Todd, def J. Mewett, C. Firth 29 - 15; N. Loder, E. Bell, G Mewett def M. Boundy, L. Mattson, G. Bishop 27 - 19; J. Novak. S. Boundy def M. Nobbs, Gloria 20 - 11; Jesse, R. Bishop, K. Henderson def A. Nobbs, A. Novak, C. Hoffman 29 - 20.


Men's Open Day

THE club conducted a highly successful Open Day, thanks to great team work by the Captain, Kev Savage, and Committee members Dave and Robyn Robinson, with support from other members.

The Isis A team won the Isis Cup comfortably with a gross score of 301 from the Bargara team - congratulations to Clinton, Blake and Damien Dowling, Dave Robinson and Kev Savage, while the Isis B team won on a countback the Isis Central Mill Shield. This time congratulations go to Peter Hrelja, Peter Steel, Neale and Luke Mittelheuser and Mitchell Anderson. The Mary Sutton Memorial Trophy for Veteran players was won by Isis Vet Gary Carlon with 66 net.

Blake Dowling parred the course with a round of 70 and won the A Grade trophy for 18 hole gross on a countback from M. Hogan, a Hervey Bay player. In the B Grade gross, Gary Carlon pipped Peter Hrelja to win with J. Phillips from Bargara on 82, runner-up. K. Maher from Maryborough won the C Grade gross with 84 shots from another Isis player, Phil Luckett on 89.

In the 18 hole net competitions, Peter Johnson from Bargara with his 68 net edged out fellow Bargara golfer on 69. Peter Hrelja also scored 68 to win from Geoff Brandon, a Gin Gin player. The C Grade net winner was B. Blinco from Oakwood, his 73 one shot better that M. Brady's from Biggenden.

Bargara won 3 of the 7 pinshot and approaches but the others were shared among Hervey Bay, Oakwood, Isis and Bundaberg.

We owe a special debt of gratitude to our sponsors, House of Golf, for their generous support. Finally we say a special thank you to the women members who spent a large part of the day preparing and presenting the delicious lunch and after play platters.


THE Saturday competition was four ball best ball stroke with the women members joining the men for the afternoon. Graeme and Mitch Anderson won comfortably with 61 net from Damien and Blake Dowling on 64, runner-ups on a countback from Michael Stanton and Len Stallard.

Rundowns went to Kev Savage and Bob Champney (64), Des Wicks and Michael Hickey, Rod Henderson and Val Plath (65). Peter Burns put his pinshot closest to win in A Division on 1&10, while Bob Champney put his approach closest to win in B Division. Damien Dowling won the A Division pinshot on 4&13. Cynthia Draper won the women's approach on 1&10.

Next Saturday is Isis Central Mill's Traders Day and a large field has already nominated for the three-person Ambrose - we hope all teams are finalised.


MEMBERS enjoyed the three clubs plus putter stroke competition with Joy Cartner edging out Joan Wright with her usual consistent play.

This Thursday members compete in the standard single stableford competition - good practice for the upcoming Bundaberg Carnival on Sunday and Monday event with results in the Men's section.

This Saturday we again combine with the men playing in the three-person Ambrose competition for the Isis Mill Traders' Day - hope you have already organised your team.


LAST weekend was the March round of the Chip and Putt competition.

In the six hole division Cooper Rehbein had a good round to win with a score of 93. He was closely followed by Tom Blinco with a score of 97. In the 9 hole division Cooper Burns with his new clubs played well to have a 75, runners up were brother and sister Kaitlyn Carige and Damon Carige. In the 13 hole event Zane Fitzgerald had a very impressive 54 to win from Curtis Fredriksen.

On Monday March 24, several players tried out for the Schools Wide Bay side to play the state titles in Brisbane in July. Those players to try out were Blake Dowling, Mitchell Anderson, Will Martell, Sophie Martell, Curtis Fredriksen, Christian Fredriksen, Zane Fitzgerald and Cooper Burns all players put in good performances with Blake Dowling and Will Martell being chosen to represent the Wide Bay in their respective divisions. Well done to all those players who tried out.

On Saturday Steven Tait from the House of Golf will run a clinic for all juniors. This will start at 7.30am. After this Saturday golf will take a recess for three weeks.

Isis Vets

UNFORTUNATELY for the Vets the rain arrived before hit-off time and the afternoon's competition was abandoned - no-one seemed to mind the reason for the cancellation.

Next Tuesday we either play the day's planned stroke versus par competition or the scheduled event - a four ball best ball stableford, draw at the clubhouse.

Remember our own Vets' Carnival takes place next Tuesday, April 8, morning and afternoon fields. Nominate now.

Childers Social

SUNDAY saw 26 players turn up for our first away game for the year.

The course was a bit dry but with preferred lie most players were able to pick a spot to hit off. The greens were very fast but true as Paul McCarragher found out when he won the Least Putts competition with 27 Putts.

The overall winner for the day was Col Dennet with a 63 losing him 2.5 off his handicap with Michael Stanton on 67 beating out Dave Hills for second and incurring a handicap penalty of 1.4. Dave coming third was hit with a loss of 1.1 points.

The B Grade Longest Drive was won by Leigh Hart whilst the A Grade was won by Dave Durie, the B Grade Approach on the 3rd was won by Scotty White and the Combined Approach on the 12th was won by Dave Durie but the win of the day was Ray Burrows who took out the Golden Circle prize of a Bourbon Pack to enjoy at his leisure and some instant friends willing to help him celebrate. After the game the members tucked into a great steak meal with beer battered chips and salad and for afters there was a choice of two desserts which was heartily enjoyed by all.

Our thanks to the staff at Maryborough Golf Club for once again looking after our members.

Next week we will be playing a Bisque Bogie on the Back Nine as a change from Stroke or Stableford so I hope to see you there bright and early for a 0730hrs tee off.

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