Coffs mayor Denise Knight
Coffs mayor Denise Knight

Child rapist Kevin Howard: Mayor's fury over 'predator'

MAYOR Denise Knight's "inner lioness" comes to the fore when she thinks about a convicted child rapist moving into her community.

Problem is, her hands are tied as a Coffs Harbour City Councillor.

"As a mother and grandmother I am angry that this predator - and that's what he is - is coming to our community," she said.

"The lioness comes out in you.

"These people are uncontrollable. They're sick and we're going to have him in the heart of our community.

"But unfortunately there is nothing council can do.

"As long has he pays his rates, doesn't litter and follows local government laws, he can live wherever he chooses."

Cr Knight called on police and the community to remain vigilant if Kevin Howard went through with his plans to call Coffs home.

"I understand that people are human beings and the old adage 'innocent until proven guilty' applies," she said.

"But he has been proven guilty.

"I don't have an ounce of time for this bloke."


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