Charging higher premium for fuel

BUNDABERG drivers buying premium fuel are being ripped off at the bowser, with research suggesting stations are charging 11 cents more than for regular fuel.

NRMA research has revealed that Queensland motorists are being overcharged by up to 4c a litre for premium fuel.

However an RACQ spokesman said the figure in Bundaberg is closer to 5c or more.

“Premium fuel prices during August were 11c more than regular fuel,” he said.

“RACQ wants to know why this is, the gap should only be 5 or 6 cents.”

Bundaberg motorist Dave Dewar is unhappy with the difference.

“I have to use premium fuel or my car warranty is null and void,” he said.

“This is especially unfair, someone is making a big profit here.”

Mr Dewar said motorists were losing hard-earned money every time they fill up.

“I added it up and this rip-off is costing me an extra $150 a year,” he said.

NRMA has approached petrol commissioner Joe Demasi demanding an investigation into the expanding gap between premium and regular fuel prices.

NRMA motoring and services president Wendy Machin said the widening gap between the costs of fuel was disturbing and worthy of an investigation by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

“Clearly something is not right. We have taken the extra cost associated with refining high grade fuels into consideration and there is still a considerable gap,” she said.

“Many motorists have no choice but to use high-grade fuels for their vehicles and it appears they are being over-charged unnecessarily.

“That's why the NRMA has written to the petrol commissioner asking for an investigation into the price discrepancies.”

RACQ is concerned that more and more people will be effected by the gap, especially with regular fuel being slowly replaced with E10.

“About 30% of cars on the road can't use E10 so many will be forced to buy premium with ordinary fuel being phased out,” said a spokesperson.

“The battlers are going to get stung with this, they are already battling to get by and then this will hit them.”

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