ABOUT 250 residents have been trapped in their own homes after the causeway on Acardia Dr collapsed in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The causeway, which is the only way to access about 100 Branyan homes, has been plagued by problems since the area originally collapsed after a huge amount of rain just before the Christmas floods in 2010.

On the weekend, it took just 120mm in one night to cause the road to collapse.

And the situation was exacerbated by roadworks in the area designed to fix the problem.

Bundaberg Regional Council had excavated one side of the road to install larger pipes, leaving a narrow causeway large enough for one car to pass.

It was this narrow section that collapsed.

The roadworks on that side were set to be completed in the next week before the other side of the road was to be excavated and larger pipes installed as well.

Acardia Dr resident Andrew McCurley, who lives next to the causeway but was not trapped, said residents were fed up with dealing with the collapsing causeway.

"All the residents here cannot believe the stupidity of council by putting in such small pipes," he said.

"If they had have just put in larger pipes in the first place we would not have this problem."

The council placed small pipes in the area after the original collapse in 2010.

Work to provide access to the drive began yesterday afternoon, with a large excavator and a bobcat working to relay the pipes.

The first cars were able to get through at about 5.30pm.

The collapse came in the same weekend Bundaberg recorded about 120mm in just 24 hours - more than double the June long-term average of 49.4mm.

A Bureau of Meteorology spokeswoman said the downpour was due to an upper trough which concentrated itself on the southern part of the state.

"It's not unusual to get this type of event in the winter months," she said.

Bundaberg is expected to cool down over the next few days before rain returns on Thursday or Friday.

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