Cats go on killing spree in Bundy

WILDLIFE carers in the Bundaberg region say they are sick of the damage caused by irresponsible cat owners and their pets.

The mother of two baby sugar gliders was just one victim of several attacks by cats in recent days.

Rosedale wildlife carer Judy Elliott received the dead mother with two infants still attached to her teats.

“I had to cut off the mother’s teats,” she said.

“The teat is fixed to the roof of their mouth so you can’t just pull it off or it will cause brain damage or kill them.”

The carer said she was sick of cat owners letting their animals out at night.

“It’s not just ignorance anymore; people know the damage their cat causes,” she said.

“Owners are just too lazy to keep them in.”

A study by the Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland shows that each unrestrained cat kills an average of 32 animals each year.

However, felines in bush areas can cause much more damage and this number does not include the amount of infant animals left to die when their mother does not return.

Mrs Elliott needs to feed the gliders every two hours around the clock to keep them alive.

“They weigh six grams,” she said.

The carer is pleading with the Bundaberg community to keep their cats inside after dark.

“I’m just horrified, I really am,” she said.

“A cat can travel several kilometres at night. I always have people telling me their pet doesn’t kill, but how would they know? They usually don’t bring what they have killed home with them.”

She said the cat that killed the glider’s mother killed a second glider on the same night.

“One cat, one night, two gliders dead and two orphaned, who knows what else it did,” she said.

Mrs Elliott said she could not bring herself to name the gliders because their fate was still uncertain.

“I don’t know if they will survive to be honest,” she said.

“I have never had them this small. I just feel I have to save them because somebody else’s cat killed their mum.”

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