Cat owners get in early

CAT owners will be able to get in early to register their cats with Bundaberg Regional Council as the December 10 deadline approaches.

The council agreed at its meeting this week to allow people with cats to start registering them from Wednesday, September 1.

Health and environmental services portfolio spokeswoman Mary Wilkinson said the earlier date would allow cat owners to get organised.

“The council is allowing people to register their cat from September 1 to avoid the rush that will inevitably happen as the December 10 deadline gets closer,” she said.

“They will also be able to enjoy a longer period of registration for the same cost.”

She said registration costs would be $60 for whole cats, $30 for whole cats owned by pensioners, and $20 for desexed cats.

State laws also state all puppies and kittens born on or after September 10 must be implanted with a microchip by 12 weeks.

Avoiding sting of hidden stonefish

Avoiding sting of hidden stonefish

Disguised as rock, it is the most venomous of all fish species.

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