Bundy muso is third time lucky

NEW EP: Bundaberg musician Matthew Barker has just launched his third independent EP.
NEW EP: Bundaberg musician Matthew Barker has just launched his third independent EP. Max Fleet BUNMAT

AT JUST 29, Bundaberg musician Matthew Barker has hit a high note in his music making career, having just launched his third independent EP.

Searching for the Light is the latest musical creation of the performer, also known as The Bucketseats, who has this time chosen to team up with long-time friend and fellow musician Carl Wockner.

Recorded in Wockner's Sunshine Coast studio, the four track EP is the prequel to Barker's next major release planned for February next year.

"I've been working on it for a little while," he said.

"I wrote two songs myself, Overboard and How Do They Know, and Carl and I wrote two songs, Seeing Gold and We're Not Broken."

Barker's first EP was recorded at his home, with his second acoustically recorded in Brisbane.

"This is the first time I've done co-writing," he said.

"Every time I do a release I try and do something different.

"This time I wanted to keep the tradition going to do something different."

While many may recognise his voice and trademark mop of curly hair from around the Bundy pubs and clubs scene, it is through his original work that you get to hear a more personal side to the young musician.

"It's all about writing, recording and arranging for me," he said.

"If people love what I'm doing, it's a bonus.

"I'm not out to make people fall in love with my music - I'm out to challenge myself."

The final track on The Bucketseats' latest recording, How Do They Know, is a personal favourite.

"I wrote that song when I was in Brisbane recording for my next release, which is in February," he said.

"It's kind of strange that I wrote that song while recording my next release."

And it is the next big EP release that has added to Barker's excitement.

"That release is going to be really big," he said.

"The song arrangements are just massive.

"It covers a lot of different genres and styles and I'm really excited about it."

While his fan base may be growing, and his music reaching a greater audience, Barker insists he is, for now, content with being an independent artist.

"I'm really happy with where I am at the moment.

"I just keep doing what I'm doing.

"Next year I will be doing quite a few tours - I'm looking at going overseas to do a tour either in Canada or the UK."

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