Fallen trees at Woodgate, caused by flooding erosion.
Fallen trees at Woodgate, caused by flooding erosion. Elise Cottam

Care urged at Woodgate beach

WALKERS and four-wheel drivers have been warned to take extra care at Woodgate Beach, after recent flooding caused significant erosion and washed away recently repaired walkways.

Despite beaches closer to Bundaberg suffering few effects from the floods, much of the southern stretch of Woodgate has eroded back, with some trees falling over after their roots were exposed.

Deputy mayor Tony Ricciardi, who lives in Woodgate, said while erosion was a natural and expected result of these kinds of weather events, people still needed to be cautious.

“The southern end of the beach tends to cop it in this kind of weather, and it's compounded the damage that was done by the cyclone (Hamish) in 2009,” he said.

“Especially with king tides coming up at the end of this month, drivers and walkers need to take care down the southern end as it goes into the national park.

“They also need to be careful around 1st and 2nd Avenue, where a lot of our walkways washed away. They were fixed up prior to Christmas, but were washed away in a few days.”

Cr Ricciardi said it was pleasing to see visitors returning to Woodgate again.

“We want to make sure people keep coming and supporting local business,” he said.