Editorial: Car running costs getting cheaper

Editorial: DESPITE the fluctuating cost of petrol, according to a new RACQ report, it's never been cheaper to own a car.

In fact, it's at its lowest level in five years.

Predictably the smaller, cheaper run-around-town-type cars have come out on top - Suzuki's Celerio taking the top spot.

But in saying that, it still costs just a smidge over $5000 a year to run.

I imagine most people have never sat down and added up how much they've spent on their car over a year.

I know I haven't.

Thankfully our people-mover hasn't appeared on the most expensive list, but a similar vehicle comes in at $13,589 per year to run.


Of course there are some car ownership costs that you just can't avoid: rego, fuel and keeping it mechanically sound.

Although this is probably where most people differ in their approach.

You're either the person that gets every service done at the appropriate time, or you're the one that leaves it until something goes wrong.

I know which one I am.

If it's not broke, don't fix it? Right?

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