Suspicious night fire destroys car

A BRAND new car was suspiciously destroyed by fire as it sat parked in the driveway of a Bargara home on Wednesday night.

Liisa and Bernie Ostermeyer were in the upstairs landing of their two-storey Woongarra Scenic Dr home at 8.45pm when they smelt the smoke.

"There's been a few cane fires around, so I didn't take much notice," Mrs Ostermeyer said.

"I came downstairs and there was lots of smoke inside."

Smoke was pouring out of the garage and, when they opened it up, they saw flames engulfing their Nissan dual-cab ute.

"My husband is very calm - he got the hose and tried to keep the fire down as best he could until the fire brigade came," she said.

The couple held grave fears the petrol tank would explode, and hoped the fire brigade would arrive in time to put out the blaze.

"Unfortunately, the tank blew before that - it was a big bang and then another bang when the tyre blew," she said.

Bundaberg police Sergeant Steve Schultz said the fire was being treated as suspicious.

Sgt Schultz said seven minutes prior to the blaze, a neighbour further along the road reported a rolled up newspaper filled with faeces had been lit and thrown on to their door step.

"The occupants extinguished that fire and no damage was caused," he said.

"There's no indication it is related, but it was seven minutes prior."

Mrs Ostermeyer said there had been trouble in the street previously and admitted the timing had been suspicious.

She said at the end of the day, life was more important than material possessions.

"At a time like that you worry about life more than anything else - everything is replaceable," she said.

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