FARMING FUTURE: "We are only a small business, but we are doing big things,” general manager David Moreny says of his team at Canetec. Mikala Haupt

Canetec a cut above the rest

THE little engine that could, local business Canetec is giving farmers a reason to shop local.

Canetec is Australia's only sugar cane Technology Equipment Company and is based here in Bundaberg operating out of three sheds at the Bundaberg Technology Park.

The company manufactures their harvesters on site and when they can Canetec outsources other materials from local business.

"We are only a small business, but we are doing big things," General Manager of Canetec, David Moreny said.

"We started with Billet Planters and then made the natural progression to mid-sized harvesters.

"The full-sized harvester, the AX7500, was designed for the Australian market based on it's efficiency, fuel consumption and ground impact."


The company's full-size harvester, the AX7500.
The company's full-size harvester, the AX7500. Mikala Haupt

The company have sold their first full-size harvester, the AX7500, to local cane farming leader Peter Greensill, the owner of Greensill Farming Group.

Mr Moreny said they are hoping Mr Greensill's use of the machine will help demonstrate the efficiency and quality of the machine nation-wide.

While at the forefront of sugar cane technology in Australia, Canetec are also a major part of the international market with deals in Japan, Thailand and Cambodia.

"We just had our Okinawan customers visit us last week which was very successful - they have put down a deposit for four harvesters, two of the new full-sized machines and two of the mid sized harvesters," Mr Moreny said.

"In 2014 we made 30 Billet Planters and sent them to Cambodia and the mid-sized harvesters have been producing the good results in Thailand and we are currently in the final stages of a 10-year manufacturing licence agreement in Thailand."

With the manufacturing agreement and the full-sized harvester, Mr Moreny said Canetec is expecting 2017 to be a productive year.


What is Canetec?


Previously known CNH Austoft manufacturing facility, Canetec's equipment was acquired by a consortium of Bundaberg investors who established Bundaberg Mobile Equipment and Engineering, which became known as Canetec.

Canetec general manager David Moreny said the new name perfectly encompassed what the business was dedicated to - manufacturing and designing effective technology for cane farmers.

Since 2009, Canetec has been supplying equipment to international sugar producers and in 2015 has released its new AX7500 harvester to the Australian market.

To date, Canetec has sold 25 harvesters, both locally and internationally by working with a team of 15 Canetec employees and local other local manufactures and suppliers.

Export models have been developed to cater for markets which are transitioning from manual to mechanical technology.

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