Candidates, crowd both disappoint

Sitting Hinkler MP Paul Neville during his five-minute speaking time.
Sitting Hinkler MP Paul Neville during his five-minute speaking time.

LAST Saturday more than 100 people rolled into the Howard Community Hall for a country and western concert.

On Wednesday night 28 turned up to hear the political candidates for the federal seat of Hinkler speak and at a guess at least a third would have come along with the candidates.

It was an apathetic showing by the local community and unfortunately for the most part it was a similar showing from the candidates.

The power players for the Hinkler seat, Belinda McNeven for Labor and sitting member Paul Neville, sat at the end of a long table of speakers.

They waited patiently for their turn to spruik for five minutes.

Greens candidate Jenny Fitzgibbon didn't even bother to attend.

Independent Cy d'Oliveira was there again to tell us about the disappearing aged pension, Adrian Wone spoke about his decision to dump the Greens and Trevor Versace revealed his traditional views and why he was proud to represent Family First.

Ms McNeven had the perfect platform to speak about her passion for an area where she has lived and worked for years. Instead she read from the Labor Party bible. One audience member asked her why she spoke so much about Labor and so little about herself.

As usual Paul Neville was the consummate politician. He spoke about the key issues of the district and what he is trying to achieve.

He had done his homework, he knew his topic and he scored a clear points win.

There may have only been a handful of voters in the room but McNeven was again shown up for her inexperience against a wise old owl.

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