Rudely Interrupted perform on stage at Woodford Folk Festival.
Rudely Interrupted perform on stage at Woodford Folk Festival. Vicki Wood

People stick out rain at Woodford

WET weather was no deterrent for most of the revellers at the Woodford Folk Festival yesterday, but for some the constant rain has become too much to bear.

Shovels and umbrellas went hand in hand as thousands of campers determined to see the festival through to the end dug out trenches around their muddy sites.

But camper Dustin James and his young family were yesterday packing and heading home a day early.

“We have an infant child so it's probably not the best to stick around in the rain for this long,” the 29-year-old said.

“Besides the weather, it has been fantastic. I've been coming here for six years now and it's always lovely.”

Others campers were prepared to wait out the weather, no matter how bad it got.

Chris Humphries and nine of his friends from Brisbane were busy yesterday digging trenches around their muddy campsite to help keep the rainwater out.

“If you let the rain get to you then you're going to have a bad time,” Mr Humphries said.

Another camper, 20-year-old Shannon Bryce, had done the same.

“We're just trying to prepare by nailing down our tent a bit more. We saw one camp site had the tarp it was using as a roof blown away.”

Some stallholders were able to cash in on this week's wet weather.

Micah Longhurst brought a stock of 1000 rain ponchos with him to Woodford.

“By the end of the first official day we had sold 400,” the 20-year-old said.

“They're the most popular item here.”

Festival director Bill Hauritz said the rain – Woodford received 41mm to 9am yesterday – had not ruined the spirit of the festival goers.

“This is a great festival in the wet; it has been for along time. We've had other wet festivals and the people are prepared for it,” Mr Hauritz said.

“It's better than the beach. I can tell you that.

“It does appear that the crowd numbers are down a bit though. I would say about 10%.”

Heavy rain at Brisbane Airport had a flow-on effect for the festival, however, when the plane carrying band members for Dead Letter Chorus had to return to Sydney.

However, the band was expected to have made it to the festival by last night.

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