Campaign urges women to embrace '100% unretouched' beauty

RESEARCH has shown that many Australian women retouch their online photos to enhance their beauty, but a new campaign is hoping natural beauty prevails.

Retouching has become increasingly common for young women, due to the rise of image altering software and filters on Instagram, Facebook and smartphone camera applications.

Natural skincare brand Trilogy and beauty expert Zoë Foster Blake recently encouraged women to share unretouched photos of themselves on social media using the hashtag #FilterFreeFriday.

"I love using a filter on my photos… but if we want the media to portray more realistic images of beauty, we should be able to demand the same of ourselves," Zoë said.

"I urge you to take a shameless selfie, skip the filters and effects, then upload it to social media… to show the world how naturally beautiful you are."

Last week saw more than five thousand people take to their social networks to celebrate the launch of the Filter Free Friday campaign.

"We were overwhelmed with the response. We've received positive feedback from thousands of women... on retouching, and it's clear that our community not only wants to see realistic representations of beauty in advertising and the media, but are embracing their own natural beauty as well," Trilogy Global Sales and Marketing Manager Corinne Morley said.

Trilogy's campaign '100% Unretouched' was launched to embrace natural beauty and feature real, unretouched images of women in its advertising.

Retouching perpetuates the fallacy that 'flaws' such as wrinkles or spots are a bad thing and they need to be hidden. I love my 'flaws', they make me who I am and I'm happy to flaunt my flaws! - Trilogy Facebook fan

Research released on May 31 reveals 79% of women admit to retouching their images before letting their friends and social networks see them.

93% of these altered images are uploaded to social media platforms as a "real" representation of themselves.

62% agree that people expect online photos to have been retouched or have a filter applied, but 61% of women do not see the use of a filter as a form of retouching.

These statistics come at a time when women are becoming savvier to unrealistic representations of beauty in the media, with more than half of Australian women more likely to "like" an online image that is natural and clearly not "retouched".

In addition to #FilterFreeFriday, people can also get involved by visiting the 100% Unretouched app on the Trilogy Facebook page and sharing their views.


How to participate in 100% Unretouched

  1. Visit the Facebook app at
  2. Share your thoughts in the app
  3. Badge your Facebook profile pic with the 100% Unretouched badge, upload it to your timeline and share with your friends.

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