Woman sumbathing at solarium
Woman sumbathing at solarium stokkete

Bundy residents still using solariums despite dangers

DESPITE the health warnings and an approaching deadline on the ban of commercially-used solariums, a number of Bundaberg residents continue to risk their health by using tanning machines.

Bundaberg's Improvements Fitness Centre's second-in-charge Jake Davis said the centre had a stand-up solarium that provided eight-minute sessions and it was a service used daily.

Cancer Council Queensland has encouraged the State Government to ban the private possession and use of solariums in Queensland, following the release of data showing that 111 tanning beds were advertised online for sale in Queensland between October 2012 and October 2013.

A full ban on commercial solariums will take effect on December 31 but Queensland lives remain at risk, with reports of people buying tanning beds for personal, unregulated use.

Mr Davis said the centre was aware of the deadline at the end of the year and said a couple of their regular clients had enquired about purchasing the solarium.

"I don't think anyone has committed but we've definitely had inquiries about the price," he said.

Mr Davis said he wasn't at all surprised that people continued to use solariums.

"Image and style is such a big thing these days it doesn't surprise me that people still use them for their appearance," he said.

"We have a range of clients of all ages, both males and females.

"Some clients come two to three times a week."

Mr Davis has worked at the fitness centre for about two years and said the use of the solarium had remained fairly constant in that time.

"It probably gets used about four times a day," he said.

"In winter we see a few more customers because in summer there are more chances to tan outside."

Cancer Council Queensland spokeswoman Katie Clift it was a serious concern that Queenslanders would consider using solariums in their own home without supervision.

"Research shows using a solarium before the age of 35 increases a person's risk of developing a melanoma by 59%," she said.

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