Call for subsidy increase

PATIENTS living in rural and regional areas should have their travel subsidies increased to match those of state politicians and senior public servants, Member for Burnett Rob Messenger told state parliament yesterday.

In a Notice of Motion Mr Messenger called on Premier Anna Bligh to take all steps necessary to immediately increase the Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme payments.

Mr Messenger said it was not fair politicians and senior public servants received more than 60 cents a kilometre in travel allowance, while regional sick patients travelling by car still only received a meagre 15 cents a kilometre.

He said the accommodation subsidy should be increased from $30 a night to more than $200 a night to match politicians' rates.

Buccaneers-Souths United clash washed out

Buccaneers-Souths United clash washed out

Officials announced the decision early Friday.

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