Businesses respond to tattoo removal claims

FOLLOWING stories this week about a crackdown on unlicensed laser tattooing in Bundaberg, two businesses offering the service, Vanessa Morgan and Everything But the Bike have responded.

The response comes as Minister for Health Cameron Dick sent health officers to inspect all Bundaberg business offering tattoo removals following two Bundaberg men revealing third degree burns and severe scaring from laser tattoo removal businesses in Bundaberg.

Vanessa Morgan Skin Management Centre owner Vanessa Morgan said her business had been inspected by health safety officers and been cleared.

"I'm fine, everything's fine, they've seen my qualifications and everything," Ms Morgan said.

"I'm certified for (class) three and four (laser tattoo removal), but I don't do four anyway, I only do three which they've checked."

Ms Morgan confirmed her business had an Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) machine but said "I've never done it for that (tattoo removal)".

"Why would I do that, I would never put my business at risk like that, that's just nonsense," she said.

"I've had a lot of clients come in because I've been doing it for years and some people do scar and unfortunately that's what does happen with tattoos when you are actually removing something out of the skin.

"I've got thousands of pictures of people who haven't got a mark on them."

Everything But the Bike managing director Patricia Knight confirmed her business had been using a laser tattoo removal machine it was not licensed for.

"The device utilised by the business was purchased with the information and understanding that use of the device did not require licensing," Ms Knight said.

Ms Knight confirmed "recent issues as to labelling of the device have been raised" when health officers inspected her premises.

"The device has not been used at the business since the labelling issue was first raised and will not be used until the issues have been resolved," Ms Knight said.

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