VETERAN PERFORMER: Tom Maxwell has been to almost every Nanango Country Muster.
VETERAN PERFORMER: Tom Maxwell has been to almost every Nanango Country Muster. Keagan Elder

Bush balladeer’s latest will impress

HERE is the news that is sure to have all bush ballad fans reaching for their wallets, and upon discovering that they are just that little bit short, approaching the wife, (cap in hand) with a request for the extra couple of dollars to be borrowed (albeit permanently) from the housekeeping money.

The event in question is the release of Tom Maxwell's new album.

Let's face if fellows, if she refuses to loosen the purse strings, you could always suggest that she could buy if for you as an early Father's Day present, at the same time pointing that it would only be a couple of months early. If she falls for that one, you can put your wallet back in your pocket, contents intact.

The chances of that little plan working are probably pretty slim, but it's worth a try.

Now, after that invaluable lesson of how to outsmart the missus, let's get down to Tom's new album.

Recorded and mixed at Lindsay Butler Studios, it carries the title of Pictures In The Smoke.

With 12 tracks on board, Tom has chosen a good mix of established material, with great versions of Stan Coster's, Catching Yellowbelly, Buddy Weston's, Thistles On The Hillside, and Norma O'Hara Murphy's, Never Was At All, mixed in with others that aren't as well known - but soon might be.

Buddy Weston is well represented with three songs from his pen, as was the late Ray Rose, who has two.

Tom Maxwell has always been one of my favourite Bush Balladeers, with his easygoing style which makes the music flow as if with no effort at all, and this album has done nothing to change my opinion.

If you have any problem getting your hands on this one, a visit to a web visit to or an email to, should take care of your problems.

In a previous column, I wondered how the Lindsay Waddinton show would fare with a Friday afternoon show at the Railway Hotel.

Not that I had any doubts that the standard of the show would be high, but the time of the show may have affected the attendance. Because of radio commitments, I was unable to attend but I heard that it was a good crowd, and an appreciative one as well.

Looking at the touring shows still to appear in our fair city, the next ones are Peter Coad and the Coad sisters on August 30 starting at 1.30pm, and the Lindsay Butler show on November 8 with the same starting time.

Brian Letton will be here on November 20 with a night-time show kicking off at 7.30pm.

All these shows are at the CWA Hall in Quay Street. Evelyn Bury will present her annual Bundy show somewhat earlier this year on October 4 at CQ Leagues Club at 2pm.

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