BunFur staff member encourages everyone to get involved

EVERY day for four days we'll feature a 10-question Q&A with members of the furry community as their meet-up at the botanic gardens gets closer. 


BunFur staff member Mafia (AKA Lorien Murray)

1. When did you first hear about furries, and what made you join in?

Bethany (my friend) got me into it... Showed me some stuff on YouTube and I thought - THAT LOOKS AMAZING.

So I tagged along to a meet with Bingo and had a blast!

I still remember that meet - we watched Frankenweenie and then went out for coffee.

2. Describe the adventures of a typical fur meet:

It's like hitting the town with your mates - get together and do something random.

Watch a movie, go for coffee, go the the pool, public events, all sorts of stuff.

It's all about finding friends that you'd normally never even pass in the street.

It's all about finding friends that you'd normally never even pass in the street.

3. What's your chosen animal, and why did you choose it above all others?

I'm a MonsterPup (kind of like a dog stitched together like Frankenstein with wings, fangs, and horns).

I thought it was kooky and different, and I loved it when Bethany came up with a quick sketch of it at school once...

And it's a bit like me - a bit different, a bit random, but awesome!

4. Has the success of furry meet-ups in Bundaberg been a surprise?

I didn't go to the big one last year, and though sometimes heaps of people can't come to the monthly meets we have a blast regardless, I can't wait for Bunfur this year!

5. How do you source the fur suits, and are they difficult to get around in?

I personally don't have one yet - a quality suit is expensive (about $2000) ordered from a manufacturer or sometimes they're homemade, and I don't have the money for one at the moment, but I do know they're extremely hot and bulky, but also a heap of fun.

6. What would your advice be to someone who was thinking of getting involved?

Just come along! Even if you're prejudiced against us for some reason - you'll have a blast anyway!

7. What's the age range in your group?

Youngest at the monthly meets is only about nine (I think) and the ages go right up from there.

Lorien Murray and friend Bethany Silverwright.
Lorien Murray and friend Bethany Silverwright.

8. When did the furry culture start?

The furry fandom became big in the mid to late 80s, as a sci-fi spinoff, and became popular worldwide from there.

9. What's the most unusual animal you have seen someone suited up as?

I went to a pop-culture convention last year, and there were some crazy ones there form all sorts of movies and shows - it's hard to pick!

10. Is there a celebrity or politician you think should suit up? If so, what as?

I think everyone should have a go in a suit, no matter who they are. Come join in the awesomness!

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