Bundy's Bingo Fox and Maui.
Bundy's Bingo Fox and Maui.

EVERY day for four days we'll feature a 10-question Q&A with members of the furry community as their meet-up at the botanic gardens gets closer. 


Bingo Fox (BunFur organiser)

1. When did you first hear about furries, and what made you join in?

Personally I heard about it in 2010. I had been attending pop culture conventions for years.

I saw a furry at a convention and wanted to know more, So I hopped on the internet and found out all about it and was hooked.

2. Describe the adventures of a typical fur meet:

Our furry meets are great opportunities to get together and have some fun.

Sometimes we attend local event, sometimes we go to the movies, have a barbecue or just coffee.

It's all about freindship. Most of the time we have an agenda to discuss something furry related, whether it be suits, performance or just everyday life.

3. What's your chosen animal, and why did you choose it above all others?

Personally I am a fox. Besides liking foxes it also fits my character and the way I act in the suit.

4. Has the success of furry meet-ups in Bundaberg been a surprise?

IT HAS. Last year's furry annual furry meet was a complete surprise, Maui and I thought we were the only furs in Bundaberg, then all of a sudden we had 20 people attend in 2012 and local furs have had a monthly meet-up since then too.

5. How do you source the fur suits, and are they difficult to get around in?

Suits are either made by their owner of purchased from a suit maker.

They can cost up to $5000 with most quality suits being around the $2000.

Kelly Hampson (Toska) owner of The Menagerie Costumes will be featuring some of her work at this years event, and yes, fur suits can be hard to move in, see out of and they are hot.

It takes a commitment to bring your character to life, but its so much fun that it's all worth it.

BunFur organisers Bingo Fox and Maui in a candid photo minus their fur suits.
BunFur organisers Bingo Fox and Maui in a candid photo minus their fur suits.

6. What would your advice be to someone who was thinking of getting involved?

Come along to BunFur.

Everyone is very freindly and accepting, we don't bite, well most of us.. .

Research on the internet or join the Australian Furry site.

You don't need a suit to be a furry!

7. What's the age range in your group?

I have people registered for BunFur from the age of 10 to 50.

8. When did the furry culture start?

Ohh I'm not quite sure but I think it was in the 70s or something.

9. What's the most unusual animal you have seen someone suited up as?

Definatly the Warg, its like nothing anyone has sen before.

It's classed as a quad suit, with the wearer having to walk on all fours.

This is our feature suit of BunFur this year and its amazing in action.

Come along to Furries in the Park from 10am on June 16 at the botanic gardens to have a close-up look.

10. Is there a celebrity or politician you think should suit up? If so, what as?

I nominate NewsMail online editor Crystal Jones to come and try it out, or NewsMail photographer Max Fleet, it's what a good reporter would do right?

Online editor's note: That's quite a challenge, Bingo :-) 

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