SMOKIN': The black ring of the burnout pad on a private property at Rubyanna can be seen from space.
SMOKIN': The black ring of the burnout pad on a private property at Rubyanna can be seen from space. Craig Warhurst

Bundy's backyard burnout pad you can see from space

A BURNOUT pad you can see from space on private property at Rubyanna is revving up more than just smoke, with neighbours also sick and tired of the noise.

Resident Scott Smith said last Saturday night smoke blanketed Barrons Rd, forcing him to close windows and doors to keep out the toxic smell of burning rubber.

And Mr Smith said it wasn't the first time smoke had billowed from the address.

He claims up to 70 people - and between 30 to 40 cars - took part in a dedicated burnout event on the property at Christmas.

"The noise is extreme," he said.

"Other people in the street go away because they can't stand it.

"How can someone treat their neighbours like this?

"You should get peace and quiet here ... but it's so loud you can't hear the TV, your stress levels go up.

"It's affecting the ability of people to live in their houses."

Mr Smith said on two occasions he'd seen car trailers towing cars into the property before burnouts sessions, which could last from mid-afternoon until well into the night.

"The smell is unbelievable, it's like someone lighting a pile of rubber tyres," he said.

"I'm on higher ground and I can see Barrons Rd just disappear, the trees, everything just disappear (under smoke) and you hear the scream of the engine and the 'bang' of the tyre blowing."

While the owner of the burnout pad declined to comment when contacted by the NewsMail yesterday, a Bundaberg Regional Council spokesman confirmed the council had instigated investigations into several issues, including public complaints, in relation to a private property located at 44 Barrons Rd.

"These investigations are ongoing and consequently council is limited in the public information it is able to provide at this time," he said.

"Council can confirm that complaints have been received in relation to noise and smoke issues allegedly from car activities at the address.

"Council's environmental health services officers have been referred three complaints regarding this address since 2009.

"Concerns regarding noise and smoke, allegedly created through 'burnouts', are issues involving police and council jurisdictions.

"Council, in response to the most recent complaint received on April 24, has issued the complainant with a Smoke Diary. Once the diary is returned to council the investigation can be progressed."

Bundaberg police traffic branch officer-in-charge Sergeant Marty Arnold confirmed police had also spoken to the property owner in the past and urged concerned neighbours to contact police immediately if they believed offences were being committed.

Sgt Arnold said a burnout event, even on public property, would require the organiser/property owner to have public liability insurance in place and follow legislation.

Without a permit, Sgt Arnold said even on private property, normal road rules applied and offenders could be prosecuted if the offences were witnessed by police.

"Even on private property you can't drive dangerously or drive without due care and attention ... you still have to follow the road rules, you can't get drunk, all the alcohol limits apply," he said.

Sgt Arnold said hooning laws also applied on private property.

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