Council warns potential slide buyers they'll need approval

FANCY a water slide of your own? You could buy the former Coral Isles Karts and Amusements slide for $1000.

Bundaberg man Neil Irvine took to his Facebook page this week and posted two photos along with a short description to promote the slide.

"Selling water slide," Mr Invine wrote.

"The complete water slide is located in Bundaberg and is still in position; everything is included (towers, stairs).

"You will be required to remove at your own expense, PM for further details, please share, $1000."

But Bundaberg Regional Council planning and development spokesman Ross Sommerfeld yesterday issued a clear warning to anyone considering purchasing the slide.

"Buyer beware," Cr Sommerfeld said.

He said it was not simply a matter of buying the slide and setting it up in your backyard or any Bundaberg location.

Cr Sommerfeld said anyone wishing to set the slide up anywhere in the entire Bundaberg region would require council approval.

"Bear in mind that temporary structures are a problem in residential areas," he said.

"If it can be demonstrated that it can be made permanent and it can meet all the requirements, talk to our planning staff, they will give you all the necessary devices that anyone would need before making a decision."

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