Comment: Bundy to be famous for poo island?

ONE of the things I love most about us Aussies is that we can have a good laugh at ourselves, and don't take things too seriously.

Take for example, our poo, I mean Lady Elliot Island.

When I first heard that Sunrise had been joking around laughing and calling our fabulous island "poo island", I was pretty outraged.

But when I watched the video of the actual clip, I could see it for the light-hearted dig it was supposed to be.

And as we called around to speak with council, tourism and the manager of the island itself, it became pretty clear that everyone was just happy that one of the most beautiful attractions our region has to offer was getting the attention it deserved.

After all, as manager Peter Gash said that was what the island was made up of there was no way of getting around it.

And maybe this little exchange has received more attention because it was more interesting than just another beautiful island.

I guess it is true what they say, any publicity is good pooblicity.

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