PASSION FOR MUSIC: Desperada's Enrico Le Mura, Joe Jackson and Lachy Walker are set to release a new album in coming months.
PASSION FOR MUSIC: Desperada's Enrico Le Mura, Joe Jackson and Lachy Walker are set to release a new album in coming months. Contributed

Bundy teacher by day, hit musician by night

BEING behind a set of drums is nothing out of the ordinary for Bundaberg's Lachy Walker but since joining Joe Jackson and creating Desperada, there's a new rhythm about Walker's music.

Having released two singles last year, this year is set to be full on for Walker as Desperada is expected to release an album in the coming months.

Walker said he had known fellow band member and former Maryborough boy Jackson for about a decade through their bands playing at similar venues.

But it wasn't until the duo were in Brisbane and without a band that saw the start of what would become Desperada.

"When we actually had to come up with a name, basically we just threw around a heap of different ideas and we wanted actually to go with Desperado, but apparently there's already a band named that,” he said.

So they settled on Desperada, a female version and basically "a female outlaw”.

A teacher by day and drummer by night, Walker has been playing the drums since he was about 15 years old when there was a shortage of players and his passion for drumming grew with each beat from there.

He said music was something he'd always wanted to do alongside teaching and work, but taking it further wasn't out of the question, should an opportunity come along.

Their stand-in bass player Enrico Le Mura, recorded and tracked the album and while not officially a member, Walker said the music wouldn't be where it was without him.

He said while he'd recorded with other bands before, this time was more hands on and everyone was open to playing around with different arrangements.

Drummer Lachy Walker.
Drummer Lachy Walker. Mike Knott BUN150119DRUM5

"Most of the songs, Joe will normally start writing a guitar riff or guitar structure and then he'll start putting some lyrics to it and then we bounce back and forth with lyrics,” he said.

Walker said there was a range of different aspects which inspired their music, from personal experiences to history.

He said often getting the message across through their song was one of the more challenging aspects of writing.

The first song they released Gentle Bones was one of the first they wrote and a reference to the Australian Rock that the duo admire.

"It's more like an upbeat, song to get you moving and dancing,” he said, where some of their other songs have a more serious tone.

Their second song Bitten By The Black Dog, carries a lot of weight for the band and a meaningful tribute to one of their friends.

"The lyrics were actually written by a friend of ours who passed away four years ago,” he said.

"He wrote the song and then put a video up and probably a year and a half ago, Joe came across the video and was there watching it and ended up playing it himself.

"The lyrics and the basic structure were originally written by Marcus and then we reworked it and added our own touches to it.

"...It was one that came together, similar to Gentle Bones, it was one that came together really quickly,”

Walker said he played in bands with Marcus Roberts growing up in Bundaberg and since losing their friend, Marcus' family has set up a charity for preventing suicide in young males called Marcus Mission.

"I was really nervous, because I asked his mum for permission to use the song, because I didn't want to go ahead without their blessing to and she said 'Absolutely, I'd love you to',” he said.

Walker said above all else, he hoped Marcus' family liked and appreciated what they had done with the song.

Now in Bundaberg for work, Walker travels down to Brisbane every month to play and rehearse - working on new songs and live sets.

PASSION FOR MUSIC: Desperada's Enrico Le Mura, Joe Jackson and Lachy Walker.
PASSION FOR MUSIC: Desperada's Enrico Le Mura, Joe Jackson and Lachy Walker. Contributed

Desperada's music can be found on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube.

To keep up to date with Desperada's music and news visit their Facebook page or Instagram.

If you find this article distressing or if you are struggling with thoughts of suicide please call Lifeline: 13 11 14 or the suicide call back service: 1300 659 467.

Marcus Mission

Marcus Mission aimed to reduce the risk of suicide for young men aged 18-25 years through three main initiatives - skill building for young men, suicide prevention training, and the development of a volunteer mentor network.

To find out more about Marcus Mission, visit

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