Bundy man in court after punch-up

A MAN punched his coach and two police officers after being told he wouldn't play in a football grand final, a court was told Monday.

Gregory Allan Collie, 35, of Bundaberg, pleaded guilty to a public nuisance offence in Bundaberg Magistrates Court, but not guilty to two charges of assaulting police.

The offences stemmed from an incident at Childers Showground, after last year's Bundaberg District Rugby Union grand final.

Giving evidence at his hearing, Collie said he punched his coach, Moe Turaga, in the jaw because he was annoyed he had not been allowed on the field to play in the match.

“I told him if he walked any closer to me I would punch him,” Collie said.

“He continued to walk towards me with his arms raised so I hit him in the mouth.”

The court heard evidence from several witnesses that police approached the men as they were having a verbal argument and told them to separate, before Collie punched Mr Turaga.

The defendant then hit the police officers, causing bruising and soreness.

But Collie said he was unable to identify the two men as police officers, claiming they hit him from behind.

“I do not have eyes in the back of my head,” he said.

The defendant also said he was focused on his mother, who had fallen to the ground during the fight.

“I was punching out to anyone in my way to get to my mother,” Collie said.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Robyn Shapcott said the officers were dressed in uniform, with police-issue baseball caps on.

She said the officers yelled to the pair that they were police and to stop fighting before they intercepted the punch-up.

Magistrate John Smith said the prosecution had provided sufficient evidence to prove the defendant would have known the men were police officers.

“That is not accepted as honest or reliable,” Mr Smith said.

“It appears... that it was easy to see the officers were in the uniform of the Queensland Police Service.”

The magistrate found Collie guilty of all charges and recorded convictions against him.

He also ordered the defendant pay one police officer $350 compensation and fined him $850.

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