BUNDABERG'S skies were lit up by a strange light on Monday night. 

A witness said she saw the light about 8.25pm as she was driving to Bundaberg from Bargara. 

"It was like nothing I've ever seen in the sky before," she said. 

"It caught my eye because it lit the sky up entirely to the north and it was like a massive, intensely bright light moving downwards and pulsating and zig-zagging as it went down towards the ground.

"Whatever it was was massive." 

Another occupant of the car said he saw two smaller, bright lights that looked green and white in colour in the sky in the opposite direction. 

Gladstone region shaken by light 

It is believed the object caused the most action in the Gladstone region. 

More than a hundred people have commented on a post on Boyne Tannum Classifieds with reports of tremours and a bright light.

Mitch McGregor commented, "Anyone else in Tannum just feel that quick tremor? About 8.26?"

"I thought the kids were bashing the front windows, I went out the front and my neighbour came flying out in his socks thinking the same thing," he said.

Linda Werry said, "Seen a flash of light, felt the windows rattle, blow the curtain in and hear like an explosion noise."

Some residents are commenting it could have been a meteorite, however this is not confirmed.

West Gladstone resident Blossom Cooley said she felt her house shake.

Police have been receiving calls about a bang at their homes and many are confusing them for intruders.

Higgins Stormchasing says it believes it was an offshore incident 

The Higgins Stormchasing Facebook page posted about the strange light, saying it was most likely some kind of meteor. 

"It looks like a meteorite has impacted somewhere offshore from the general Gladstone area (based off the fact no damage reports have come through)," their page said. 

"A bright flash or light has been reported by hundreds of people, this light was seen as far South as Hervey Bay and as far North as Yeppoon with a tremor being felt upon impact over the general Gladstone area and Boyne Island."

Bundaberg people tell of seeing strange light 

Sharleen Davis said her son saw the strange light in Bundaberg.

"My 10-year-old seen it and thought it was lightening, he said it caught his eye, never seen anything like it," she said.

Jodie Bryant also saw it.

"I was in my lounge and saw this flash of light. Didn't think much of it until now! How amazing," she said. 

Jade Hart said she thought it was lightning, but after other reports, realised it wasn't.

Another local said the object made the lights in his house flicker. 

Woman captures the light on CCTV

Gladstone woman Ellie Thompson captured two bright flashes on CCTV. 

She filmed the footage then put it online to share with others. 

Ms Thompson said she felt and heard the object.

"We felt/heard it and checked outside to see if anyone was out there then we checked the cameras," she said. 

"We thought someone had run into the front of the house or something."

Emerald rescue crews go in search of crashed object

A Queensland Fire and Emergency Service crew headed out to Emerald after a report that something going through the sky had crashed.

The crew is yet to find anything and is dealing with the informant.

Similar occurrence happened in February

In February, a similar object lit up Bundaberg's skies.

Bundaberg Astronomy Society member Mark Sugars said he didn't see the light but from what had been described it sounded like it could have been a meteorite.

"It would be a rational answer to say it was a meteorite," he said.

He confirmed it was possible for people to have seen it from a wide area following reports of sightings from Rockhampton down to Gympie.

Similar reports stated that houses were shaking and a loud boom sound was heard. 

Bundaberg Police checked with VMR

Bundaberg Police received calls from members of the public who were concerned the flash of light could have been caused by a flare. 

However, after checks with VMR it was confirmed that there was no distress. 

Where exactly did it land? 

Where did the meteorite land?

  • Emerald

Emergency crews were called to Emerald after a caller said they saw an object crash to the ground.

However nothing was found.

  • Mon Repos

A Bundaberg Facebooker claimed that the object crashed into Mon Repos.

  • Off the coast of Gladstone

Higgins Stormchasing belives the meteorite crashed off the coast of Gladstone.

  • Turkey Beach

Several UK newspapers are claiming the meteorite fell on Turkey Beach, though it's unclear where this information has come from.

Bundaberg man tells of spotting meteorite

Ian Zunker said he got a good view of it when he was driving on Totten St and the sky lit up in front of him.

"I knew what it was," he said.<EP>"I saw one when I was growing up.

"It was a bright yellow white light."

Mr Zunker said it was a sight to behold.

"Working at night harvesting cane you see all kinds of stuff lighting up the sky to some point," he said.

"Nothing quite like (Monday) night though."

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