Bundy lawyer on Folau: More deserving causes

Opinion by Edwina Rowan

THERE has been lots and lots of wearing media noise about Israel Folau (pictured) and his controversial GoFundMe page which sought donations from the public to pay his legal fees in a fight against his dismissal from ARU.


Edwina Rowan.
Edwina Rowan.

With GoFundMe finally shutting down the campaign the Australian Christian Lobby have taken up the fundraising crusade.

Putting the legal issues of employment law and freedom of speech to one side, the fundraising, for Israel's legal fees, is exceptionally disappointing for two reasons.

Once again, LGBT rights are an issue slung back into media focus.

The battle for legalisation of same sex marriage came to an end in December 2010.

So to, should the damaging comments, which rely on an interpretation of the Bible.

As a Christian, I am deeply pained by the comments which were targeted at people I love and respect.

The comments, were indifferent to their impact on the LGBT community and out of touch with contemporary social mores.

The second disappointment, is that lawyers across the country are frequently faced with the overwhelming burdens on the legal system and the problems associated with the cost of access to justice.

There are good people, solid hardworking people, mums and dads with families, who do not qualify for legal aid funding but who cannot otherwise afford the legal fees for a myriad of legal matters.

I often see families embroiled in family law, domestic violence or criminal proceedings.

Often these people have no choice but to be represented to navigate the labyrinth of the legal system.

These people, borrow from relatives, enter into payment plans, extend their mortgages and work longer hours to afford their legal fees.

Other litigants are often highly vulnerable for a variety of reasons including domestic violence, homelessness, disability and mental illness.

It is these people who are more deserving of crowd funding than a prominent sportsperson who made foolish comments on social media.

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