IN THE five years since opening in Bundaberg, Fertility Solutions has now seen its 100th little miracle born through IVF.

In January 2009 the centre welcomed Ashton Thompson, the Bundaberg clinic's first IVF bundle of joy.

Selena and Seonho Wang said they were excited when they realised after seven years of trying, two years with IVF, their final attempt had worked and in April this year welcomed a little boy, Silas.

"We had tried six cycles and that was our last go," Mrs Wang said.

"Each time it didn't work we were devastated."

The cost of trying to conceive went into the tens of thousands of dollars for the Wang family, and when they thought about giving up on the hope of having their own child someone stepped into to help.

"The thought of fostering went through our minds as funds had run out," Mrs Wang said.

"We were gifted the last chance when someone helped out with funding and we were so grateful it worked and now we have Silas.

Mrs Wang said without the support of their families, Fertility Solutions and the encouragement from her employer Silas may never have been born.

"Everyone was so patient and understanding," Mrs Wang said.

"I had to keep taking time away from work. My boss was very understanding."

Fertility Solutions unit manager and director Denise Donati said one common misconception that people had about IVF clinics was that you had to go to a large city clinic to get the care and the best chance of becoming pregnant.

"We are so excited to be able to welcome our 100th baby - it goes a long way to show people that we are committed to providing an excellent service to local couples," Mrs Donati said.

"Many people actually find the smaller boutique service offered at Fertility Solutions Bundaberg more personal when compared to some of the larger city clinics."

Andrew and Amanda Thompson said that it took a long time to get pregnant with their second child Ashton, after conceiving their 12-year-old son Colby naturally.

"It took a long time we went through so many cycles and the end results was we got Ashton," Mrs Thompson said.

Ashton's older brother, Colby, said he is grateful to have a little brother and was glad his parents went through the IVF to give him this gift. "It's great having someone to play with," Colby said.

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