Mixed reaction to new bus tickets

DUFFY City Buses has made changes to its ticketing system for 2012, bringing in a new Smart Card system, but not all travellers are happy with the move.

The Smart Cards are available in "Swipe N Go" format for the general public and in "School N Go" for school students.

Duffy City Buses manager Chris Duffy, said that so far, the new system was running smoothly.

"The system was only set up two days ago, and we've sold 100 cards already so we're pretty happy with that," he said.

"There is no compulsion for people to buy the smart card, but regulars are using the initiative.

"We advertised the new system two weeks prior to Christmas on all of our buses."

Despite saving time on travel, a frustrated local resident said the company should have provided more information to patrons about the new Smart Card system.

"90% of bus users are pensioners in their 50s, 60s and even 70s. They often get terribly confused and don't know exactly how the new system works," she said.

"Drivers don't have time to explain to passengers how it all works."

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