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Bundy grub jailed for spitting on cop and laughing

NATHAN Kennedy kicked a policeman, grabbed a female officer by the arm then tried to headbutt her - but it was his grubby saliva spit on to an officer that landed him nine months in jail.

Kennedy spat on the Bundaberg officer through an open window of his police car, laughed and ran off.

District Court judge Michael Shanahan took a dim view of his actions, warning the 21-year-old the offence of spitting on a police officer was so unacceptable that government legislation has increased the maximum penalty to 14 years jail.

Kennedy pleaded guilty to two counts of serious assault on November 26, one count of serious assault with aggravation, causing public nuisance and two counts of obstructing police.

He was charged after being out that night celebrating an 18th birthday.

Crown prosecutor Mitchell Whelan said Kennedy's criminal history showed a disrespect for authority and court orders.

He said police were called to a disturbance in a Bundaberg street and saw Kennedy with his shirt off walking down the road.

When told by officers to move off the road, Kennedy became abusive and started yelling.

He also tried to start a fight with another person.

Asked to identify himself, Kennedy, agitated and continuing his abuse, grabbed a female constable by her arm, twisting it while pushing her away.

Mr Whelan said Kennedy went to a police car where an officer was sitting, put his head in through the open window and spat, the saliva landing on the officer's neck and shirt.

Arrested and taken to the watch house his violence continued, kicking out and striking an officer in the knee, the kick causing him to fall back into a wall.

Discussing the increase in penalties for such offences, Mr Whelan said it was prolonged anti-social behaviour and Judge Shanahan noted "it certainly has the flavour of intoxication".

Defence barrister Kim Bryson said Kennedy was a fruit picker and active in rugby league.

"He instructs he was at an 18th birthday party and consumed alcohol to an extent not usual for him," she said.

"While disgusting, the spittle landed on the neck and clothing of the officer."

Ms Bryson sought an immediate release to parole for Kennedy but Judge Shanahan said he was not prepared to do that because it was an extended series of assaults on officers.

He said Kennedy "laughed and ran away" after spitting on the policeman then continued to be violent in the police car and watch-house.

Kennedy was sentenced to nine months jail but will be released to parole on August 19 after serving two months.

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