LONG HISTORY: Damien Mark Vohland plead guilty to 22 charges.
LONG HISTORY: Damien Mark Vohland plead guilty to 22 charges. contributed

Bundy father caught with meth gets jail time

A FATHER who was using the YMCA to meet up with single mums and got caught with meth has pleaded guilty to 22 charges at the Bundaberg Magistrates Court.

The court heard that Damien Mark Vohland, who had been in pre-sentence custody for 104 days, had an extensive criminal and traffic history "plagued with dishonesty offences".

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Tina Bland said Vohland trespassed two days in a row on YMCA property while on parole.

While it was not made clear what exactly the defendant did while at the YMCA premises, the court did hear they were "very concerning facts".

"The YMCA is a place where children and families obviously visit," Sen Const Bland said.

For some five hours he was at the YMCA and was then located.

Sen Const Bland then detailed a number of drug offences.

"One was on December 17 where he was located with 1.1g of meth, and that is quite a decent amount."

Sen Const Bland said the repeat offender had been caught driving with a relevant drug, being meth, and had also been driving under a suspended licence.

"The defendant comes before court showing complete disregard to court orders," she said.

"He continues to disregard the privilege it is to drive on Queensland roads. He has been dealt with by terms of imprisonment before and I would submit terms of imprisonment are appropriate here as well."

In a string of fraudulent offences, Vohland had also used a card from a stolen wallet a number of times, and on separate occasions had stolen two mountain bikes.

Defence lawyer Craig Ryan said his 39-year-old client suffered from addictive tendencies and was caught up in a cycle of stealing things and selling them on in order to get money for drugs.

"It's a well known cycle in the criminal justice system," Mr Ryan said.

"He has been in and out of drugs addiction since he was 14 years old. He has been addicted to ice and opiates as well as morphine."

Mr Ryan said upon his release, Vohland had been accepted into dayhab at Bridges for an eight-week program.

"His history of offending relates to drug addiction," Mr Ryan said.

"He has provided genuine show of remorse of behaviour... he intends to undergo that counselling and try once and for all to get rid of that addiction."

The defence lawyer said Vohland's new partner was the support network he never had.

Magistrate Ross Woodford recognised the defendant had taken steps to address his problems.

Vohland was sentenced to 15 months imprisonment, and with his pre-sentence custody taken into consideration, will be released on July 23.

He was also disqualified from holding or obtaining a licence for two years.

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