Bundy dishes up top docket savers

TROY McAlpine may be Bundaberg's most meticulous shopper and says junk mail is saving him hundreds on his weekly grocery bill.

The latest Cornett's IGA catalogue was released yesterday morning but by midday, Mr McAlpine had already circled all the specials he wanted, compiled them into a list, headed to the supermarket and made his trolley full of purchases.

Mr McAlpine said he would then head to Coles and Woolworths later in the afternoon and Aldi later this week.

"I normally just get the different catalogues and pick what we need that's on special then go to each store," Mr McAlpine said.

"I'll just write out a list of where to go and what to get."

Mr McAlpine said the method may be meticulous but it saved him a lot of money.

"It saves me probably about a third, I normally pay about $300 a week but I pay about $200 now," Mr McAlpine said.

He said it was important to be on the ball and make it to the shops the day the catalogue was out.

"Here (at Cornett's IGA) it's Wednesday so I normally try to get in then as soon as the specials start," he said.

"And I try to get there early before anyone buys it out." When the NewsMail asked its Facebook readers for their grocery saving tips, Anne Maree Peachey shared her top tip.

Ms Peachey said she started her shopping list the day she got home with her groceries and then added to it throughout the week.

"(Then I) make sure I take it with me and cross (everything) off as I get it," Ms Peachey said.

"I do my main basics at Aldi and get my name brand stuff at either Coles, IGA or Woolies, depending who has the specials."

Ms Peachey said another tip was to take advantage of supermarket rewards incentives.

"I always scan my reward cards and when the points get to $20 I cash them in and this helps," she said.

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