Bundy business smokes the competition

SUPPORTING sustainable fishing by using under-utilised seafood products has helped The Seafod Smokery net a swag of medals.

Duo Luke Truant, the fisherman/businessman half of the team, and Lincoln Kirchner, the smoker and taste tester, are now hoping to capitalise on the recent recognition and grow their Burnett Heads-based business.

Awarded six medals at this week’s Sydney Royal Fine Food Show, including gold for champion specialty product for their macadamia-smoked blue salmon, Mr Truant said they hoped the success would be a launching pad to land a significant contract.

“Hopefully that validation will help us get a larger contract with a hotel chain or retailer,” he said.

“If we can get in with that bigger player, it would allow us to upscale.

“It’s always been our plan to employ five to 10 locals, and those jobs wouldn’t need to be university trained positions.”

For Mr Truant and Mr Kirchner the success, which also saw them win silver for their macadamia-smoked sea mullet and macadamia-smoked sea mullet roe, and bronze with their macadamia-smoked Spanish mackerel, macadamia-smoked blue mackerel and macadamia-smoked Fish Pate, is a remarkable feat — they medalled in each category they entered in their very first competition.

And the fact that they did it with next to no notice and submitted their general line of product, pulled straight from the shelf, is proof they’re doing something right.

What’s even more exciting for the pair, is the products used are local, underutalised and show what can be done with seafood which isn’t considered the cream of the crop.

“We both strongly believe in taking pressure off the main ‘commercial’ fish stocks and value adding to more under-utilised species, handling the fish better and therefore increasing price which will therefore push forward towards a more sustainable biomass,” Mr Truant said.

“It will also allow commercial fishermen to get a better price for their fish while allowing them to catch less and sustain their families more easily while spreading the load over wild fish stocks. It is all win/win.”

At the moment the products are stocked locally at The Lettuce Patch, Bargara Meats and Last Stop Convenience over north.

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