There's a darker side to Bundy.
There's a darker side to Bundy. Brandon Livesay

Bundaberg's public sex hotspots revealed

SOME of Bundaberg's most iconic locations have been tagged as public sex hotspots on websites.

Star ratings accompany some of the locations, ranking their use, while others feature glossy, tourism-style descriptions.

Both gay and straight spots are listed on various public hook-up websites, with one gay "cruising" site offering a break-down of the types of men who visit the locations.

Oddly, the highest rated location, with four stars out of five, is Stockland Bundaberg, although it is not known if this refers to the general area or the actual shopping mall.

The website states that men of all ages meet at this location.

Norville Park, the scene of a violent stabbing murder in November, is listed as "well bushed with paths" and "not visited by police".

It promotes that men can meet there to meet other men aged 18-60 who are gay, bi-sexual or married.

Queens Park is another location mentioned.

Meanwhile, Lions Park is listed as attracting a different crowd - "businessmen, young guys, tradies and married men".

A graphic description accompanies the listing for the Post Office Lane men's toilets.

"There are two sets of urinals and two stalls, There are no holes large enough to do anything within the doors of the stalls".

The toilets near the hospital water tower are touted as having "a couple of stalls with a few picnic tables outside".

The northern end of Mon Repos Beach is listed as a three-star gay hook-up destination and its description as a public sex spot reads like something from a tourism brochure.

"Typical sandy beach along the Australian east coastline, it is only 15km from the main heart of Bundaberg, heading to Bargara", the website reads.

Websites filled with straight locals looking for public sex spots list off similar locations, with one commenter writing that people always plan for public sex meet-ups at Norville Park "but it never happens".

Another straight man posts that he'd like to engage in the practice known as "dogging" (meeting strangers for sex in public places) but complains "Mon Repos is all gay guys".

Another man states that Queens Park or Meadowvale Park on Rosedale Rd are known meet-up spots.

Chinaman's Beach carpark at Agnes Water was listed as a spot to meet on a website for hook-ups.

Psychotherapist Dione Keleher said the whole act of having sex in public was a bit superficial and there could be many reasons behind it.

"If it was a one-off scenario, then it's more likely to be just moment of 'Let's just do this'," Ms Keleher said.

One-off public sex was more opportunistic, she said - "more about the hidden rebelliousness, people wondering 'let's see if we can get away with it'."

But what about those who regularly have sex in public?

"If it's something you do regularly then there are deeper seeded issues to it and that would depend on the individual's background," Ms Keleher said.

"If a person came to me and said my partner and I have had sex in public on someone else's boat ... the first thing I'd be saying is 'How did that actually make you feel and why did you do it?'

"I would try and identify the feeling behind it, was it about adventure, was it about being rebellious ... or was it about doing something in front of other people because there's some part of you that likes to be watched or seen."

Police were unable to comment on the particular fines or penalties associated with public sex acts because they said were are a wide range of variables involved.

In July, increased police patrols and heightened community awareness at Mon Repos led to a man being charged, following reports men were suspiciously lurking in the bushes.

A 62-year-old man was charged with wilful exposure as a result.

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