Bundaberg schools declared safe

AFTER statistics showed 100 state school students were suspended in Queensland every week for violence with weapons or objects, Bundaberg parents have been assured there is no issue locally.

Queensland Teachers Union Bundaberg North branch president Allan Cook said his members had not indicated there was a problem in local schools.

“There is no problem in school outbreaks,” he said.

But that is not to say that from time to time young people don’t make mistakes.

“Those mistakes made are not prominent, they are very rare.”

Mr Cook said it was important people realised the weapons used were not always the usual suspects.

“The figures don’t tell the story of what is happening,” he said.

“We don’t know what the weapon was. It could have been a student using their biro in an inappropriate manner.”

Department of Education and Training regional director Greg Peach said schools were regarded as one of the safest areas for children.

“There are no other places that we are going to have trained adults in charge of 20 to 25 kids,” Mr Peach said.

“In many cases children are safer at school than at home.”

Mr Peach said a school-based police program in local schools had also helped ensure student safety.

Bundaberg Police Inspector Kevin Guteridge said the program enhanced the relationship between police and youths.

He said the crime prevention method could not be measured, but said it was a valuable resource to interact with students.

“It has resulted in reduced incidences of crime and greater awareness for students of the implications of crime, not only on themselves but also on the community as a whole,” he said.

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