Bundy mum in jail by choice

A BUNDABERG mother is voluntarily keeping herself behind bars, refusing to sign a bail agreement for two simple alleged offences.

Jillian Kay Tinker, 33, of south Bundaberg, was charged with contravening the direction of an officer and obstructing police after refusing to leave the McDonald's Targo Street car park early Sunday and getting into a scuffle with officers.

The standard procedure following an arrest for this type of offence would involve giving her identifying particulars at the watch-house and signing her bail agreement before being released.

But police prosecutor Sergeant Barry Stevens said Tinker was refusing to sign the agreement because she believed signing it was tantamount to an admission of guilt.

“She is being unco-operative with police – we've had different officers, male and female, young and old, senior and junior in to speak with her (to no avail),” he said.

Duty lawyer Thomas Bray said Tinker was “quite adamant” about contesting the charges and believed she should not have to sign a bail agreement.

Tinker sat sobbing in the dock and frequently interrupted Sgt Stevens, Mr Bray and magistrate Jennifer Batts.

Ms Batts explained to the defendant a bail agreement did not mean she was guilty and she was happy to put on the record that Tinker had entered a plea of not guilty.

But Tinker would not agree.

“I won't sign an agreement to come back to court,” she told the magistrate.

Ms Batts warned Tinker that if she did not sign her bail agreement, the court could have to remand her in custody, and gave the defendant another chance to sign her bail papers – which she refused.

Tinker will be brought back before the court again today if she does not sign the papers overnight.

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