Bundaberg leading the nation on solar power

NEW data has revealed that Bundaberg residents are winning the race to capture the power of the sun, reduce power bills and are in the box seat to stand up to the excesses of the big power companies.

The data, released by Solar Citizens, shows 8102 Bundaberg households have installed solar panels for producing power, making them the biggest solar adopters in the country.

National director for the Solar Citizens campaign Lindsay Soutar said Bundaberg was ahead of the curve when it came to the massive increase in solar for Australian homes to take control of power bills and to beat the strangle of the power price rise.

"Everyone wants to reduce their power bills but Bundaberg is winning the race to be the first community with solar on every roof," she said.

"Bundaberg people are taking on solar because it gives them power over how much they pay. More than a million Australian households have done the same across the country."